"Evolving Lean Construction – Towards Mature Production Management across Cultures and Frontiers"
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Workshop Day

Lean Project Delivery in Practice
Faculty: Dr. Tariq Abdelhamid, Michigan State University

Proposed Program

Lean Construction is concerned with aligning and connecting the understanding among different individuals across different spatial and temporal dimensions to get a structure built that meets the needs of the client with minimum waste as possible. Lean is doing value-added work, per established standards/specifications and/or as mutually agreed by two or more parties, correctly the first time through, with the requirement of continually improving and respect for what people have to offer.

This one-day, instructor-led workshop explains the concepts of Lean in the design and construction process, and the unique integrated contracting approach commonly used with Lean Project Delivery projects. The participants are introduced to Lean Design principles and its various Lean tools used in design with examples. The process of Target Value Design is explored using a hands-on simulation. The difference between transactional and relational contracts, and structuring of the supply chain is also discussed. The workshop uses a detailed account of what it took to coach a team of designers and contractors through a $15 million Lean Project Delivery process. The project involved a Dining Center renovation at a large public university in the United States. This was the first publicly funded lPD-enabled Lean Construction project in the United States, which also achieved a gold-level LEED (green rating) certification.

The program assumes participants will have awareness-level familiarity with the Last Planner® System – a project planning and production control process-based system, and basic Lean Construction knowledge such as the 7 or 8 wastes, 5S or 6S work organization program, visual site, etc.

  • BSc Civil Engineering
  • MSc Construction Engineering and Management
  • MSc Industrial and Operation Engineering
  • PhD Civil Engineering, CM-LEAN

Dr. Abdelhamid is the Chief Lean Performance Officer with the Residential and Hospitality (RHS) Division at Michigan State University (MSU). He is also an Associate Professor of Lean Construction at the School of Planning, Design and Construction at MSU. He served as the Lean/IPD Coach for the recently completed (Jan 2013) Shaw Hall Dining Renovation project at MSU, the first Integrated Lean Project Delivery project at a public university in the United States. Trained by Greg Howell and Glenn Ballard (founders of the Lean Construction Institute (LCI), USA), he serves as chairperson of the LCI Academic Forum, a Research Fellow of LCI, and is the Editor of the Lean Construction Journal since its inception in 2003.

He enjoys consulting on Lean Construction and Lean Integrated Project Delivery engagements with design and construction teams on projects of any budget size. Prior to joining MSU, he was trained and worked as a Lean Production subject matter expert for Ford Motor Company.

Learning Outcomes

This full day introduction and working session will expose participants to the following:

Lean Project Delivery Basics

  • Common Vocabulary (Multiparty Agreement; Joining Agreements; The Risk Pool)
  • Transactional versus relational contracting methods

Lean Design

  • Fundamental Principles
  • Tools/Methods (Lean Workstructuring; Set-based Design; Target Value Design)

The Shaw Dining Hall Project

  • Practices in Design & Construction Phases
  • Results & Lessons Learned

Workshop Program Outline

Lean Project Delivery Basics
Lean Design
The Shaw Dining Hall Project (1)
The Shaw Dining Hall Project (2)

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